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Helical Pile Installation in Bridgewater and Surrounding Areas

Advantages of Using Helical Piles


Quick Installation

Dependent on soil conditions and the size of your project The Deck Bros can typically have all of your deck footings installed within a couple of hours, with no need for inspection, meaning you can start building your dream deck sooner!


Less Mess

Compared to the standard concrete footing with a 24” bell on the bottom, helical piles are a dream. In our rocky soil conditions, concrete footings typically require large amounts of excavation to set them to the proper depths in the right spot. You may only see a 10” tube sticking out of the ground when it is finished, but typically the holes are much larger. Where does all that dirt go while the hole is being dug? ON YOUR YARD! This can create a muddy mess and adds cleanup expense to your project. Helical piles create very minimal soil disturbance, and we are typically able to navigate those underground rocks with skill and expertise.


Limited Access? No problem!

With our Bobcat MT100 limited access is no sweat! With only a 44” width, this powerful machine can get into the tightest of areas to install your footings. No need to rent an under-powered baby excavator and dig for days just to get your footings in place.



For a contractor or a DIY’er alike, we all know things get mis-measured at times…accidents happen! There is no worse feeling then looking down a row of already poured sono tubes and realizing something happened, a mistake was made, and one of them is just slightly in the wrong spot. Or measuring in between saddles and realizing that we now have to up the size of our beam because one footing is just slightly too far away. With concrete footings, the solution to these problems typically consists of either accepting the mistake as acceptable, or spending a lot of time and money correcting the issue. With helical piles, if one was marked incorrectly—no biggie, we can come back and screw it out of that spot and place it where it needs to go quickly, letting you get back to work with less stress!


Engineer backed

The Deck Bros can provide engineered drawings for all of our installs if required. Our Mascore helical piles are engineer backed, CCMC approved, and are fully compliant with our local municipalities’ requirements.

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